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Sep 11, 2010 12:00pm PDT
why she left islam. >> i would never use the expression anti-islamic sentiment. i think it's more precise to distinguish between political islam on the one hand and religious islam and spiritual islam. and i have seen, yes, a growing knowledge on political islam, a growing interest in political islam, and a growing condemnation of political islam by more and more americans. i find both american men and women audiences that i speak condemn practices in the name of islam against women, the forced veiling of women, forced marriages of women, the guardian principle. there have been some eye-catching stories, for instance the 18-year old yemeni girl who was married off to an 80-year old man and who managed to escape that. so there is condemnation of these practices and there is condemnation of honor killings, condemnation of female genital mutilation. that is not a command in the koran, but in some obscure hadith, but practiced widely in muslim countries and among muslim immigrants to the u.s. >> so, does the thing that ms. a alreadyi mention done against women who are muslim cause som
Sep 25, 2010 12:00pm PDT
into law and some of the law's new policies now start taking effect. democrats are using these changes to try to get out their base out to the polls in november. >> any young adult under 26 can be added to a family plan as long as he or she doesn't have employer-based coverage. this year preventive care begins being offered with no co-pays and deductibles so kids' immunizations and cancer screenings, we think it is really good for people to get preventive care up front and not pay for the disease in the long run. this year small employers get a tax credit for covering their employees and that will carry on. this year seniors get a $250 check to help close the doughnut hole. next year, they'll have a 50% discount in the cost of the drugs and that gradually goes up. >> what is the toughest mart companies don't put more costs on the employee or what is it? >> what the president knew and what members of congress who were supportive knew from the beginning is that we really have to tackle quality costs and access all at the same time. a lot of work on some of the prevention and wellness iss
Sep 4, 2010 12:00pm PDT
perspectives. up first: young women's earning power: in a wage gap reversal, young women in most us cities are now out-earning their male peers. this, according to a just-released analysis of 2008 census bureau data, finding single, young, childfree women take home, on average, 8% more income than their male counterparts. the income imbalance was initially found in the country's biggest cities such as new york and san francisco, but has since broadened. to smaller cities, too. this new trend is found in white- and blue-collar industries and includes the fast-growing metropolitan areas with large immigrant populations. what's behind the shift? experts point to the growing ranks of women who attend college and move on to high-paying jobs. but while they may be earning more, fewer are doing it on wall street. the number of high-earning female finance workers is dwindling fast due to the recession. this, despite a decrease in sex discrimination charges and a rise in corporate programs to attract and retain women. over the last decade, the finance industry has lost three percent of its female w
Sep 18, 2010 7:30am PDT
d won't get you far far because the universities are using these phds as contract employees, these women have a lot of guts but if you look at the fields they are in and i want them to keep pushing because they have broken one barrier, now we've got to break the barriers across the board for phds not only in pushing in other areas, in other fields besides the ones where we beer beginning. >> not only women are they competing against men, they're also competing on a global scale as well. the number of jobs and phds in stem areas, science, technology, engineering, math we are falling behind from foreign pet terse in these areas. we need to boost our workforce overall. i saw a study by the american association of university women that came out this year, that talked about the despair tee between women, why aren't there more women in these fields of studies. still stems back to the gender disparities and stereotype beginning in elementary and middle school. they said, this was combination of several studies looking at the various factors. they showed where teachers and parents got involved a
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)